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How to use macros

  1. Ensure the data is converted into a .csv epoch file
  2. Open the macro and click ‘import data’ (insert the saved .csv epoch file) and click ok
  3. Click ‘generate graphs’ once the graphs have been generated the tab will disappear and the graphs will be on the tabs on the bottom row of the excel page (eg.‘front page’, ‘day graphs, ‘night graphs’)
  4. The report has now been generated and is able to be printed

General physical activity

This report gives you an overview of a participant's behaviour within the selected time frame, highlighting time spent in sedentary, light, moderate and vigorous activity states. This includes sleep information and a summary table.


This report illustrates a participant's sleep behaviour, with information on sleep efficiency, total sleep time and activity periods, all useful for investigating circadian rhythm.

Everyday living

This report shows a participant’s different physical activity intensities and sleep behaviours over the day, for the total wear time.

24-Hour visualisation

This report summarises a participant’s physical activity and sleep behaviours for wear periods of 24 hours or less only.

Data summary of multiple .csv files

This report provides a summary table for analysing multiple 60s epoch .csv files.

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